Friday, September 12, 2008

Everyone's Giving In

So, we all are safe. Nothing happened to earth or on earth. What many of us realized long back, I&B ministry felt now and lambasted India TV and Aaj Tak for creating panic. Wonder why Aaj Tak walks away with all awards every year?

So, Raj is at it again. By now I am bored to death thrashing out him and his comments on Bachchans. However, the latest one on Jaya's Hindi speech takes the cake. He has lost it. I wonder what possibly could be the cause of his nuisance? First of all, who the Fuck is he to pass any such statement? And what the heck is MNS? Some 'Navnirman' crap. Navnirman my ass. He is not even the authority. He is not government (as if government could have said it and got away with it for that matter). For me, MNS and his ideology is nothing but a piece of shit. What is he thinking by the way? Does he possess rational thinking capabilities? Or is it jus plain lack of sex in his life? Last one sounds possible.

Jaya Bachchan apologized and so did her hubby. I can imagine how much they are fucked in their mind because of Raj. I have always felt Bachchans are absolute fake people; but my heart goes out to them in this case. And they gave in to Raj.

His counterpart Ramadoss did win some brownie points for his comment on Article 377 but when it comes to his stand on Smoking and particularly of SRK at it he doesn’t have much sympathizer. So what if SRK cites reason of family and children for quitting it finally, it sure was the pressure of that Dossa guy which made him give into his commands.

And so Tata is giving into Mamta. Balaji actors are still giving into Ekta and We all are giving into the crap churned out by Himesh Bhaiya.

The guy lost oodles. So what, he looked hippo then, lizard now. And what’s with that hair-do. Looks like a wig. I do not see him in any shampoo video either. And did you guys hear him on Sa Re Ga Ma of late. Last year he was all ‘mai tere ghar me roti launga’ and this year ‘Super, mind-blowing, fantastic, history’. Do you find anything weird here? Read properly. Earlier he used to stop after fantastic. Now he is ending his blabbering with history word. Whatever that’s supposed to mean? Does he mean, “oh you created history with this song”. Haha. And his croonings in upcoming Karz are to die for. Mashallah. He beats himself in sucking with this. Aap Ka Suroor was somewhat auto-biographical so we put up with that. But, Karz. Ooops. I pray he gets enough courage to uphold all criticisms coming his way in a month or so when movie is released. Btw, who is that chick with him in that song? That green eyed beauty. She looks so skinny and pathetic that Himesh in fact scores over her and our Shilpa Shetty and Kareena are no more tensed up for ridicule coming their way every time for size zero.

So, mention of Shilpa reminds me of Bigg Boss. The lass got whopping 10 Crores for doing nautanki once a week on reality show. That makes her richest TV star surpassing Rohit Roy, Shekar Suman and their kinds. The girl had everything coming in easy for her after Big Brother fiasco. I followed her remarks closely after she came out and I for sure can say she is another fake/hypocrite/confused/without brains bimbo. She finally gave into TV.

P.S. Waiting desperately for Hrithik’s Kites.


Supernova said...

crappy indeed. Dis guy and all his supporters dont realize that to supposedly uplift der regional langauge, they are actually pulling down a national langauge!

Oxy said...

Yups, true indeed.

Vinz aka Vinu said...


~~Or is it jus plain lack of sex in his life? Last one sounds possible.~~

that was hilarious man...
living in maharashtra, i just feel worse when it comes to Raj... earlier i had read an interview..i thought he might be a good politician, with a good vision...

but once he formed his party and all he is desperate to create nuisance and gather attention...i never imagined he will fall to that level..!! pathetic..!!

Oxy said...

U bet man... I mean, I am sure he knows (when he is alone n thinking) what he is doing is an absolute crap thing to do, still he goes on with it. Attacking someone from Film Industry who led a heroic life in 30 plus years of his career was nothing but to gain attention and publicity (as they say any publicity is good publicity)..

And I am equally sure he care a damn about the marathi manoos and their woes and their sentiments. He is just a self-obsessed b@st@rd.

Thnx for the visit. :)

•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

i love this new pic BIg B.

Oxy said...

Thanks Kiddo....:):)

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