Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Superstar whose surname is not Khan

I will not speak of what all movies he did or which brand he endorsed and which is my favorite Akshay movie or what he did in Bangkok before coming to movies or did he get into couch or not? I will talk simply of Akshay the actor and person.

Don’t we agree to term “numbers and figures matter the most” in movie business? Certain sections might go on and on raving how SRK came back to where he belongs with last two releases of his: brooding, bearded coach in Chak De India and bell-bottomed junior artist in OSO. I agree. No arguments. Whereas certain others with no sign of stopping criticize the above two and wonder why those production wise poverty-stricken, real and moving cinema like Manorama or Dor or Bheja Fry never get their due. I agree. No arguments. But if you can consider SRK, Aamir as THE BIG THINGS or credit Salman as superstar with nothing substantial to ascertain the status of it then why ignore Akshay who gave 4 biggest hits last year? The highest grosser in NRI market were his movies last year. So, why this sautela behavior with him? Just because he doesn’t have Khan, Khanna or Kapoor as his surname? For the lesser known his last release Welcome was his eighth hit in a row. Do I say more?

I personally hated all 4 of his movies which came last year. They were nothing more than a large sophisticated joke. But then if you are selling this big you gotta have something in you. Here I wish to disagree with Neha Dhupia (remember her?) who once said only SRK and Sex sells in Bollywood. Neha, get laid but please do not try to decipher the Bollywood formula. Akshay too sells and sells three times more than the three Khans put together.

He is the current biggest box-office draw. He is the hero every producer wants to work with barring YRFs who after Tashan decided once again not to cast him ever. They had in past decided not to ever cast him when his spectacled look cameo act in DTPH almost stole the thunder under SRK’s snob nose. Then why they came knocking for Tashan? I wonder and I wish to keep silent. K-Jos production will never hire him until SRK goes bed-ridden. SLB is too self-pitying and looks for loser as heroes which Akshay is not. And other houses do not matter. They cannot afford him. So what? Big deal. Piss on them.

He is a person who intelligently repeated his choice of film-makers but can never be referred as one belonging or rather banking on any one particular producer/director. If he has Priyadarshan then he also has Vipul Shah. He once had Abbas-Mastan duo who ditched him post Ajnabee. What happened to duo? Humraaz, Naqaab and Race came after that which all look similar apart from the name of the movie. But it took him almost a decade to prove what he is. Having been launched with forgetful Saugandh followed by series of action-packed silly movies that had Khiladi word common and later entering the unsafe zone which is called ‘comedy’, he has proved he is the true HERO in Bollywood standards. He can fight, he can dance with ease, and he can make you laugh. And to producers he gives the returns. What else you need? Now every person carrying some moolah wants to turn producer and make movie with him.

He is known to test the boundaries when it comes to doing action. He is known to cross the limits of idiocy when it comes to comedy. And I love him for that. Don’t you? And of late he has emerged as a style icon too. A decade ago he looked shabby in all his outfits making me wonder does he ever take bath but now he can pull off almost anything. Another aspect of his which is endearing is his support to needy. Now, you would say that every one worth that much money does. But wait, till you hear this. Most of the actors have invested their earnings in business and few now go onto buy sports team. SRK, Preity, Mithun, Juhi et al but Akshay decided to sponsor five Indian wrestlers and is taking care of their financial needs. And before you jump, No he did not buyDelhi Daredevils. He was mere ambassador for them.

He is not known for buying the rights of DVDs of his own movies and promoting it till they drop dead a la certain Aamir. He is not known for creating unnecessary hoopla before/after release of any of his movies. Think of top 5 actors currently ruling and Akshay does figure in the list with Hrithik and the three Khans. Still, he is just there. Narrow down and he will be gone with the wind. Shoooh, gayab. Why? Filmfare comes up with this power list every year purely based on the film’s fate. So who should get the coveted place there? Without two thoughts Akshay. He appears in the list but not on top. What the ? Do they know their math?

His new movie Singh is Kinng will be released soon, and I am sure that would be another nonsensical one like his earlier. But, the fact right now is he is the real king of Bollywood when it comes to hits and moolahs. I wish his fans many more Akshay hits. And those who are not his fan or those who are possibly getting offended by now for taking names of few actors in this article in not so nice way, I would request them to refrain from issuing a fatwa under my name.


vimmuuu said...

Another Akki fan !!!

Honestly, I never liked him till Hera Pheri happened. Last year , I liked Namastey London and Bhool bhulaiyya of his. This years Singh is Kinng is torture,and im eagerly waiting for Chandni Chowk to China and 8 by 10. My all time fav Akki movies are Suhaag, Hera Pheri, Waqt and Aankhen.

Oxymoronic said...

@ Vimmuuu,

Well I became his fan since Mohra and to be true I liked him in those 'Khiladi' movies also.. Movies were crap but I have always liked him since them.. Hera Pheri was turning point in his career. I saw the trailer of CC2C and that was awesome...